TEAM: Teamwork Effectiveness Assessment Module

A web-based assessment tool for residency and fellowship programs.

The Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is proud to provide the graduate medical education community with the Team Effectiveness Assessment Module (TEAM) for residents and fellows.

The TEAM module is meant for use by individual residents and fellows to gather and interpret feedback from their interprofessional "team" with whom they work to care for patients in the hospital or clinic. TEAM is designed for use even in work settings and clinical rotations that do not provide formal support or training for interprofessional teamwork. This multisource feedback tool can assist residents in fellows in the assessment of key competencies, such as interpersonal skills and communication and professionalism, and the milestones.

Originally developed by the American Board for Internal Medicine (ABIM) as a continuing medical education tool for physicians, the TEAM module has been adapted by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medicine (ACGME) for use by residents and fellows.